Must-Have Student Software for Every Type of Student


Of the many unique perks that come from being a student, perhaps none is better than the deep discounts on student software which many manufacturers are more than willing to offer to college, graduate-level, and professional students. From productivity suites to major-specific software tools that most students will find are a requirement, these applications are a great way to get a good deal on everything that’s needed for a good grade.

Student Software: Best Bets for Every Kind of Student

From productivity suites to virtual machines, graphic design software to virtual intelligence applications, the options for student software discounts are increasingly broad. These are some of the best applications (at the best discounts) that students will find anywhere.

Microsoft Office Academic

Microsoft has long been known for the significant discount it offers students on its suite of productivity applications. The company not only offers a savings of more than 80 per cent on its Microsoft Office Professional suite for Windows users but also offers its Microsoft Office for Mac suite at a similar deep discount. In a world where more and more students are choosing to leave Windows PCs behind in favour of Apple’s desktops and laptops, it’s important that companies offer discounts on both the PC and Mac versions of their software — and Microsoft is one of the few who do.

Adobe Creative Suite Teacher and Student Edition

Graphic design is one of the fastest-growing majors in colleges around the country, and most of those colleges require their students to be able to use the Adobe Creative Suite line of software applications with proficiency. In light of this common requirement, Adobe has initiated a student and teacher discount on its CS5 line of design products. Students and teachers can purchase the software at a savings of more than 70% over the retail price. The Adobe Creative Suite is one of the most expensive consumer software packages on the market, so this is an excellent way to save.

TinMan Systems AI Builder Pro

Artificial intelligence is one of the leading ways that universities are teaching students about real-world, major-relevant scenarios in the classroom. It foregoes the necessity of an internship and instead uses electronic tools to help students work through common scenarios and problems. One of the leading ways to do this is with AI Builder Pro, an artificial intelligence application used by many leading universities. Students in majors as diverse as law enforcement and mechanical engineering are often encouraged to have access to this software outside the classroom. And, because the available student discount cuts the suite’s price down by more than 20%, it’s more attainable than ever for a vast majority of students.

VMWare Fusion 4

There seems to be a divergence on campus regarding recent trends: while students are increasingly choosing Apple’s line of desktop and laptop computers, textbook creators and software manufacturers are still creating much of their software exclusively for Windows users. VMWare Fusion 4 run-on the Mac OS desktop and allows users to run Windows-based applications on their Mac using what is known as a “virtual machine.” This avoids the larger expense of installing Windows on the Mac itself, or the timely routine of trekking to the university’s library to view a simple video or document on a textbook’s included multimedia CD.

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